Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday Presents

  • I got many things for my birthday. I'm spoiled! 
  • I'm only going to post the baking things I got.
  • First, I got this cookbook! I've been wanting this cookbook because the kids like to help me in the kitchen, and I like them helping me in the kitchen! I love the Pudding Cups I made from this cookbook!
  • I got these cute little doughnut pans.
  • I figured that I could make all kinds of things in these. Not just doughnuts.
  • My ideas are spinning!
Another size too!

  • I got a rectangle baking stone. Before I only had a circle one.
  • I also got measuring spoons. I use them so much! They are always dirty. I'm always needing more.
  • I almost forgot that I got a knife sharpener. That should be really handy!

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