Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Won!

I won the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit from Glee Glum!

Before Christmas, I'll be making some chocolate with my 5 year old son Mica. I think we'll give his preschool teachers a treat!

I'll post about it on here when we are in the kitchen together.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blast Off!

The cookies: The Rocket and Stars
The Rest: Photoshop layers, lots of layers

I'm not sure if it's done.

Glee Glum

I think the make your own kits from Glee Glum are so great! I like them because they are something that I could do with my 5 year old. I could see us in the kitchen with apron's on making chocolate for his preschool teachers.

Chubby Cheeks Thinks is giving away a Glee Glum Make Your Own Chocolate Kit!

Hurry up, the giveaway ends today!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Robot Cake

I made another robot cake for my oldest son's friend birthday party.
I made some rocket cookies to go in the kid's treat bags. There were some wind up robots I found at Target that went in their bags as well. They are so cute!
 Check out the rocket my hubby made for my son's room! The kids really enjoyed themselves!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday Cake's

It took Mica awhile to blow out his candles.
  • Here's the cakes. I like the robot one. I got the stuff to decorate that one, cut the cake out, mixed the frosting, and daddy decorated it while I cleaned. I'm making another robot cake next week for Mica's friend birthday party. Then I'll make preschool treats coming up. 
  • I'll post the other treats I make soon!
    • I decorated the space shuttle and give myself a C-. The red just was blobbing as I squirted it out. Of course if you remove it, it turns the white frosting pink. 
    • This is when I like cookies better then cake. With cookies you mess one up, throw it away, and move onto the next one.

    Saturday, August 7, 2010

    Health Update

    I met with a dietician. I just need to watch what I eat calorie wise. I did not fast to loose weight. I only fasted for lab work, to check for diabetes. I do not have diabetes! :)

    I've started eating better. I wasn't eating bad before, just better now. All the sweets you see on this blog are usually for events/people, not for myself. My main problem is not eating too much, it's more about staying active. I broke my foot this year, and since then I've gotten into bad habits. This too I've started to change.

    I've started a new blog along with another girl about healthy eating if you'd like to see it, click here.

    I'll still post on here from time to time. In fact I'll be putting up a robot cake soon that I'm making for my oldest son's birthday party at the end of next week. My little guy is turning 5! I'll be posting birthday treats for his preschool class as well. No cake for me.