Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Disaster in the Kitchen

  • Usually I do well in the kitchen. I try making cute things, and usually they turn out. 
  • I was making Pudding Cups once again. This time for my birthday treats for work.
  • They turned out really good the first time when I made them for Mother's Day, except I got comments to make them a little smaller. 
  • I bought water balloons, hoping they would work. They are so thin that when you plop them into the melted almond bark they pop right away. I even tried cooling the melted almond bark a little before dumping them in. Chocolate was squirted all over the stove and me.
  • The few that I did get to work, would not peel off the cooled chocolate.
  • That evening my husband went to 3 stores trying to get regular small balloon's with no luck. They either had 12" balloons, or water balloons.  Bless his heart.
  • Today I went to Factory Card Outlet and found some 5" balloons. They were a perfect size. On Mother's Day I used 9".  Everything went smooth with them!
  • I took the cute treat into work, and got to show off my boy's as well.

This time I filled most of the pudding cups with chocolate pudding, but a few had vanilla.
The boy's got a vanilla filled one.

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FireintheBreeze said...

looks great! funny, i was literally talking about doing these to my friend the other day. however, they don't sound easy from your post haha! ill make sure i get the right size balloon :)