Monday, May 10, 2010

Pudding Cups - A Mother's Day Treat

  • My 4 year old Mica and I made Pudding Cups. It was a little challenging with an additional 2 year old around. He wanted in on all the action too, but is too little to be in on it.
  • First I blew up the balloon's. Try and buy small ones, because mine were a little big.
  • This is when it got crazy, Isaak and Mica were trying to grab the balloons and throw them around. Any that hit the floor I wasn't going to use because they were part of what we were going to eat.

  • Then I put the chocolate almond bark on the stove to melt. I always put my smaller pan inside a bigger pan that has water in it. It acts as a double boiler. Be careful not to have too much water! If water boils and splashes into the chocolate, your chocolate will end up in the trash.

  • Lay out waxed paper. Put a spoon full of melted chocolate on the wax paper in different spots, enough for your balloons to have the spacing they will need. Let the spots be until they are almost cool.
  • Dip the balloons in the chocolate. This was fun. I wouldn't let Mica do this part because it's messy and the chocolate is hot. You should dip them in good, so that they will be bowl shaped in when they are popped.

  • Let them cool! Don't get in a hurry to pop them, because you'll have a mess of chocolate on your hands. If you do have any that are messed up. Crumble the chocolate back up to put in the pan to make another one.
  • Once they are cool, pop the balloons. Mica LOVED doing this!
  • Remove the popped balloon gently.
  • On a few of them I had to put a dab of chocolate in the bottom of the chocolate bowls.

  • Next...make the pudding. I cheated and used instant to quicken the process. Mica likes using the hand mixer.
  • I added a heaping spoonful of melted peanut butter, which tasted good.

  • I poured the pudding right into the chocolate bowls.

  • Last...but not least I sprayed on whipped cream with added sprinkles. I didn't give Mica too much whipped cream! :)
  • He LOVED it! Isaak loved his after dinner. He shared one with me. :)

  • Isaak and my Grandma that has Alzheimer's disease had a look of surprise in their eyes when I ripped off the chocolate from their bowls, for them to eat. :)


Kim and Neil said...

We will have to try this... it looks SOOO good!

Jolly Mom said...

These look awesome--you did a great job! You definitely need the cookbook--it is wonderful!

FireintheBreeze said...

yum yum yum. they look like a lot of work, but im still going to do them!

Felicia said...

These look delicious!!! We have that cook book and love it!