Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Treats

My sugar cookie snowmen are always the first to go. This year I make some with cereal buttons and others with small m&m buttons. The nose is a small orange m&m cut up with a pill cutter. The eyes are brown m&ms cut into quarter pieces. The pill cutter works great!

Just a star sugar cookie with gold sprinkles,
 These chocolate malt cookies were the next to go. Some were hesitant. They are not as Christmas(y) as the snowmen. They certainly have the flavor!

The chocolate roll out cookies are fun to. The first year that I made them I decorated them a lot. My sister's and mom sampled them and said they taste better plain. I just added a blob of chocolate frosting and added a pearl sprinkle to the angles and an m&m to the others.

I love orange slices. Since it was Christmas time, I went for the cherry slices. They taste really good dipped in dark chocolate melt. This is probably the easiest thing I made. It totally added color to the dessert table.

The round pretzels taste good with dark chocolate melt poured in them and a single mint chocolate kiss. Just don't put them on too fast. They can melt and make a mess.

These pre-bitten Gingerbread Boys were fun to make. My sister bought me cookie cutter Gingerbread Men a few years ago. One has an arm off, another has a foot off and the last one has his head off. They are fun, but I think they look best on a plate full of them. Then people get the humor of them.

I also made Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls. I guest posted about them here. They are so good made with Coconut Oil! I also loved them dipped in dark chocolate!

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