Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dirt Cookies

I made some spring sugar cookies. Usually I make carrots, bunnies, eggs and chicks. This year I still made the usual and added in some squares and circles.

There are cupcakes on Jolly Mom that inspired me to create my Dirt Cookies.

I crushed up chocolate cookies I bought. 

Next I took the circle and square sugar cookies, frosted them with chocolate frosting, dipped them in the crushed chocolate cookies. There dirt was easy to create. My three year old loved helping me.

I then frosted my carrot cookies. Instead of only adding orange frosting, I added some more chocolate cookie crumbs into the frosting. I used green frosting and grass sprinkles for the steam. The back of the carrot had a touch of chocolate frosting added, just so they would in fact stick. Then they were pressed into the circles and squares.

I thought with some I could have bought gummy worms to add to the tops. Not this time though.

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