Sunday, September 11, 2011

Campus Book Rentals

Every year I have the lucky job of making the student's art supply list. A lot goes into making that list. Beyond that the student's have a book list. Many get their books new. It's hard to have a book sell back program at a small art school. As much as we would love to start getting digital books, the students do not have laptops first semester. Even when they get their MacBooks, publishing companies for ebooks are not consistent. Some rent out books, while others sell them to keep. Many have no page numbers on the book, so it's hard to tell the students to read certain pages. There are just too many what if problems with books online.

This is why I love the idea of Campus Book Rentals.

Now I'm an art instructor at the Creative Center.

When it comes to art, there are supplies and more supplies to buy. When it comes to classes, each book costs money.

Now there is a way to reduce that money. There is a company called Campus Book Rentals.

My top 10 loves about Campus Book Rentals

  1. They have a huge selection of books. 
  2. They have live help. I think this is so important because I can for see a lot of questions that people might have. Sometimes text books have version after version. It gets really confusing which version is the most current.
  3. There is no fee to sign up.
  4. They have a 1-800 number. It's very visible. :) It really annoys me when I go to a site and can't find a phone number to call.
  5. College students spend only half of what they would if they bought the book full price. They sometimes save more then half! If the student loves the book they can keep it and just pay the difference. 
  6. The book can be highlighted or underlined in with no additional cost to the student.
  7. Renting a book is kinder to the environment. Books that you don't want to buy, but need, is then reused by someone else. 
  8. The book can be returned in 30 days for any reason. I know instructors change their mind on books a lot.
  9. The shipping is easy. The company actually gives the student a self addressed envelope for easy returning.
  10. For every book rented, they donate money to Operation Smile. A nonprofit organization that helps children that are born with a cleft pallet.  

Check out their video:

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