Sunday, February 6, 2011

Conversation Heart Cookies

My son Mica is in two preschool's. He has an August birthday, and just wasn't quite ready to go to kindergarten when he turned 5, so he's going when he just turns 6. We thought the variety of two preschool's would be good for him. I'm glad we chose to do that. I just wish that he would of been able to start kindergarten right after Christmas. I think he was ready then.

Being in two preschool's means two Valentines Day parties. I decided to make conversation heart cookies. Each child gets two cookies, one with their name, and the other with "Cool" for the boy's or "Cute" for the girl's.

The longest name was Josephine. I actually did well on that one. Later Mica told me that Josephine goes by "Joey". I should have asked about that, but I wrote all the names out while he was in bed.

Between both schools there is three Landon's. It must be a popular name for that generation! a's and o's are hard to write with frosting. I was thinking towards the end that I should have used the edible markers. That would have been too easy. ;)

I made a lot more cookies then the pictures show. 


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