Monday, April 27, 2009

More to Come

  • I plan on creating an image soon with ice cream cones. I love how I can get the different flavors of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. It's too bad you can't taste what you see. Maybe someday I'll have a show where you can.
  • I also have a tooth cookie cutter I bought since my husband works at a dental lab. I've been wanting to create a piece with a tooth fairy. In due time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


The Cookies: Bunny with various sprinkles. Carrots with sprinkles and M&Ms.
    • The Art: Lilly photo, dirt photo and two sky photo's. Shadows were added in Photoshop.
    • This is my favorite cookie art piece so far.


    Cookies: The eggs and flowers. The flowers have M&M centers.

    The Art: A photo of a nest, a photo of Spanish moss and a photo of a tree. I blurred out the flowers as they went back in the distance in Photoshop.


      Cookies: The duck with sprinkles. The eggs.

      The Art: Two photos of grass (both manipulated in Photoshop). One sky was used.


        The Cookies: Cacti cookies with crushed up baking M&Ms.

        The Art: Two photo's of skies were used. One photo of sand, another of cracked dirt. A lizard photo was added. I used the burn tool in Photoshop to darken the ground.


        The Cookies: Hot peppers with sprinkles on the frosting.

        The Art: Added photos of real pepper stems. Highlights were added on the cookies. The wood grain was all effects done in Photoshop.


          The Cookies: Cars and flowers. M&M's were used when decorating them.

          The Art: This piece has two sky photo's, two tree photo's, grass and a couple dirt roads.